(Actual Questions That Clients Have Asked Us and Our Actual Answers!)
(Updated Regularly)
"I have a specific budget that I'm trying to stick to, can you build a menu based off of that?"
ABSOLUTELY! Many times caterers ask this question to help us build a realistic picture of what we can do to deliver an amazing experience that fit within your parameters.

"I love your menu selections! But can we add another dish to your package"
ABSOLUTELY! Our menu packages are designed to get the juices flowing, but we love to customize!

"I'm having a wedding, but I REALLY like one of the menus that I saw on your corporate menu page, can I use one of those?"
ABSOLUTELY! All of our menus are great and can easily suit any type of function you're having!

"You call yourself a boutique caterer...what does that mean?"
A boutique caterer is simply a smaller catering business. They tend to do more focused menus, and have smaller teams. We take on fewer events than our larger colleagues. It tends to be a good thing, in that we can really devote attention to our clients.

"I'm interested in using you as my caterer, what now?"
After you've had an opportunity to take a look at our menu sample, we'll set up a time to talk to get crucial details to your event. (Date, time, guest count, location, etc.). We'll draw up a proposal based off our discussion. Once we agree on menu, you have the option to taste a portion of your menu to be sure you're pleased with your choices. We'll then draw up a sales contract which will allow you to reserve your event date with us. When the contract is signed, we'll accept a 50% deposit of your total event cost at the same time. When we get a little bit closer to your event date we'll set up a site visit with you and your planner to go over final details. Then it's showtime!

"When is my balance due?"
All deposits are paid when the contract is signed. Your full balance is due no later than 30 days prior to your event.

"Can I pay my entire bill up front?"

"How long have you all been in business?"
Kevin Devine, our Chef and Owner has been catering for close to 20 years professionally. He has headed up kitchens for local catering companies and corporations in the DC area most of his career.

"Are you licensed and insured"
Yes! We have a licensed commercial kitchen that we work out of in Bowie, MD. And we can provide insurance certificates to your venue once there is a signed contract in place.

"Do you do drop off service?"
Yes, many of our menus lend themselves to drop off service if that is your desire. Some cocktail hour options may have to be slightly modified. We offer an Earth Friendly Bamboo package with plates, napkins, for that extra touch of class.

"Your corporate menus seem less expensive even though it's the same menu, why is that?"
Typically our corporate clients are utilizing our services for office/event luncheons which tend to have smaller portions. Weddings and Social Events tend to be more centered around dinner menus and guests come ready to eat and celebrate so we do larger portion sizes for your guests.

"Do you cater holidays?"
The only day that we will not cater is Christmas Day. Sundays are taken on a case by case basis. We strive to give our team the best possible opportunity to thrive both in work and at home. By scheduling off regular days, it ensures them that opportunity. We work in a busy industry, and if we're not careful it can be detrimental to our success.

"I'm getting married in 30 days and I don't have a caterer, can you help???"
Absolutely! We can plan a wedding with you in about 30 days time, as long as you are prepared for "rapid fire" meetings and phone calls to cover all the details! We move at the pace you want to move.

"I'm getting married in 18 months, is it too soon to start working with you"
Absolutely not! We love long time frames. It is our experience however, that the longer out you plan your wedding catering, the more changes you'll likely want to make along the way...which is fine with us.

"My Aunt is vegan, what do I do?"
Definitely invite her! While many of our dishes do not contain any animal products, we'd love to custom design a special dish just for our "plant forward" friends...and it will be better than just a salad or a plate of roasted vegetables!